Welcome to SAMOOCM.

SAMOOCM has grown into the country’s leading construction expert over the past 48 years joining the country’s construction industry and history after the inception in 1976.

In 2021, we repositioned ourselves as the country’s best construction expert providing a total solution for Construction from Design to CM, Development, Infrastructure, High-tech, Global, Sustainable Architecture and BIM by winning the first place in the public CM performance assessment.

We will continue to take a leap toward being the Global No.1 Platform in the era of the 4th industrial revolution through continuant investment and innovation.

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Thank you.

Chairman Hur In, SAMOOCM Architects & Engineers㈜삼우씨엠건축사사무소 사장 허 인 서명
㈜삼우씨엠건축사사무소 사장 허 인