SAMOOCM guarantees to provide a professional service for a range of special fields such as semiconductor
and display production line and bio industrial facility as the best global partner.

Guaranteed professional services for special facilities as the best global partner
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Main tasks
  • Semiconductor facility: cleanroom
    Experienced in various semiconductor facility complexes,
    SAMOOCM provides the optimal quality management service by
    our special resources and system built for the construction of
    'cleanroom' space which is the core of semiconductor production.
    • Construction of CLASS and temperature/humidity related utilities such as Memory/LSI/LCD FAB (FS-FAB, CS-FAB, MAIN FAB) GRATING, SYSTEM CEILING, and DCC.
  • Semiconductor facility: electronics
    Based on years of experience in power supply for semiconductor facility complex, production equipment, and mechanical utility along with the best technology in Korea and the know-how on quality, SAMOOCM provides the best quality management service to supply stable power for the semiconductor production equipment and utility of clients and to forestall any overheating or leakage.
    • Ultra-high voltage (345kV, 154kV) substation (800MVA), FAB electric utility (6.6kV, 800MVA), and generating unit (6.6kV, 200MVA)
    • Power supply substation, panel, bus way, antigas installation for semiconductor production equipment and mechanical utility
  • Semiconductor control system
    SAMOOCM provides the service to ensure the functionality of production facility and prevent environmental pollution by building the stable instrumentation & control system for the effective mobilization, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of the whole process system that manages and controls the environment for production in the cleanroom (temperature, pressure, gas monitoring, etc.), and of anti-pollution facilities against industrial wastes made from production process (rooftop air pollution prevention, wastewater treatment [WWT]).
    • Control system for cleanroom production environment: HVAC, OAC, DCC, steam, PCW, emergency exhaustion, gas monitoring, etc.
    • Control system for environmental pollution prevention facility: rooftop air pollution prevention, wasterwater treatment (WWT)
  • Semiconductor facility service
    SAMOOCM provides the service over the whole semiconductor utilities through the semiconductor facility expert system whose various experiences and know-hows on FAB extension ensures reliability on the safety of semiconductor facility.
    • Semiconductor utility service: freezer, boiler, air, gas, PCW, UPW, WT, FA, ACID/ALKAI/PFC scrubber, and various purification utilities
    • Load extension service: (pully, motor) capa-up, high-efficiency freezer, high-efficiency pump, NSO (non-stop operator), duct static pressure improvement, HT to LT conversion, etc.
    • Environmental utility service: low-NOx, sound-proof, deodorizing, explosion-proof utilities, etc.
  • Semiconductor facility retrofit
    Despite such tough conditions as to complete all retrofit works of semiconductor production facilities within limited time, space, working environment,
    and regulations, SAMOOCM provides the best service through various experiences and know-hows on the retrofit works of semiconductor facilities.
    • FAB extension and restructuring, capacity expansion, and production equipment retrofit
    • Wafer extension, EUV equipment installation, utility building (PCW, UPW, air comp, power supply)