Architectural Design

SAMOOCM considers design in the entire construction process from the initial phase to
construction phase with processional teams, not just in the design phase.

Moving as a whole from design to construction.

SAMOOCM, a design-based CM company, is the nation’s best expert group consisting of developers, creators and engineers in each field.
We will make a true companion of clients with the pool of experts proficient in the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution such as
development project teams for feasibility study, technical support teams for technical review and field operation teams for drawing review.

  • 01
    Planning & design
  • 02
    Schematic design
  • 03
    Intermediate design
  • 04
    Working design
  • 05
    Construction phase
Design Team
Law analysis, initial project proposal preparation
Construction and construction book preparation
Field support
Development Team
Condition analysis and preliminary feasibility study
Project plan establishment
Financier and constructor selection support
Sale support
Property survey for sale and purchase
Tech Support Team
Professional and special field technical support
Drawing review
Field support
Field Management Team
Joint drawing review
Field operation
Featured Works